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Bumbo Madness!

October 25, 2007

So I’ve been contacted a number of times today about the Bumbo Chair that I wrote on earlier this year that has been recalled from stores for repackaging. Thanks all of you concerned folks! I appreciate it:).

I would like to defend the Bumbo/Bimbo chair a little and say that if you’re going to put your kid in anything and on a table, you probably had a skull fracture yourself when you were little. Ok, that’s bad, I know. But really… when we’re talking about child safety, any time a kid is elevated above God’s green Earth itself danger lurks.

Emerson only uses the Bumbo on the ground and when I’m close by.

Apparently this recall will only change the packaging to make it even more clear (since apparently the warning on the side wasn’t enough) that it shouldn’t be used on tables… and that you shouldn’t leave your kid alone… and while they’re at it, the makers of Bumbo will throw in a few other tips like “don’t leave your child alone next to an open oven” and “don’t let your baby play with marbles” because apparently common sense is in rare form.

Thankfully if you currently own a Bumbo, the manufacturer will be happy to send you a warning label that you can paste on the side of the box that you probably recycled after you opened the thing. In case all the hype didn’t get to you enough to ensure your child is never left in a Bumbo on a table.


In the Spirit of Thanks:)

October 5, 2007

I suppose I should take the advice of all the lovely ladies who commented on my Thank You Notes dilemma and say THANKS! I really appreciate you taking the time and giving me some helpful advice on how to make sure people stay thanked… if I get a chance I’ll make sure to comment on each of your blogs!

Strange Searches II

October 5, 2007


I hesitate to even put this up, but it is simply too hilarious to avoid.

Most recent strange search that led someone to my blog:

“my boss pinched my nipples”

I reckon this had something to do with My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the STORE ROOM

Thank You Notes…

October 3, 2007

wfmwheaderbackwards.jpgI’ve discovered the best thing… Works-For-Me-Wednesdays… a blog all about what works for, well, anyone who wants to give their 2 cents. So here’s something I’ve always needed help with. Thank you cards. I am HORRIBLE at them… I can hardly remember to do them. I need something to remind me and a way to keep up with giving thanks for the great things people do for me. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!

For answers to many of life’s random questions visit Rocks in My Dryer. Enjoy!

Day 2

October 1, 2007

Well, I survived my first night. Though, I was totally exhausted and didn’t get to sleep until about 1:30am. Some web genius told me it was the altitude. Today was good. I learned a lot… one of the moderators keeps referring to “Mom Sites” where us Moms congregate and create online buzz and thus sell products without even intending to… funny stuff. This is a conference about search engine marketing, FYI.

During this same session there was plenty of talk about why community sites that feature reviews from average joes are no good because normal people reviews are often written by the brother of the business owner or someone who was paid for their opinion or bribed with a raffle or something totally selfish. The moderator kept marveling over Mom Sites, though, and how they are so different.

I almost raised my hand to explain to him that while most Moms do have an altruistic intent, some have an inclination just to brag about the latest, coolest, best developmental this or that they have found to other Moms. It’s just one of the many rites of motherhood… give birth (check) become obsessed with showing other Moms what a great mom you are (double check). But he kept talking about the altruistic reviewer that doesn’t exist anywhere – anywhere but Mom sites that is… I didn’t have the heart to squelch his Eutopia.

But it’s true. I think that some Moms really have a need to let other Moms know how fabulous they are and by keeping up with the latest and greatest and letting everyone know about it- this need is fulfilled. Maybe this is just my experience.

Anyway, Vic sent me an adorable video tonight of Emerson, which you should all see. I’m so very lucky:).