Day 2

Well, I survived my first night. Though, I was totally exhausted and didn’t get to sleep until about 1:30am. Some web genius told me it was the altitude. Today was good. I learned a lot… one of the moderators keeps referring to “Mom Sites” where us Moms congregate and create online buzz and thus sell products without even intending to… funny stuff. This is a conference about search engine marketing, FYI.

During this same session there was plenty of talk about why community sites that feature reviews from average joes are no good because normal people reviews are often written by the brother of the business owner or someone who was paid for their opinion or bribed with a raffle or something totally selfish. The moderator kept marveling over Mom Sites, though, and how they are so different.

I almost raised my hand to explain to him that while most Moms do have an altruistic intent, some have an inclination just to brag about the latest, coolest, best developmental this or that they have found to other Moms. It’s just one of the many rites of motherhood… give birth (check) become obsessed with showing other Moms what a great mom you are (double check). But he kept talking about the altruistic reviewer that doesn’t exist anywhere – anywhere but Mom sites that is… I didn’t have the heart to squelch his Eutopia.

But it’s true. I think that some Moms really have a need to let other Moms know how fabulous they are and by keeping up with the latest and greatest and letting everyone know about it- this need is fulfilled. Maybe this is just my experience.

Anyway, Vic sent me an adorable video tonight of Emerson, which you should all see. I’m so very lucky:).


4 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. kristi Says:

    oooh… so hard to leave the baby. i know this! but once you do it, it gets a little easier. also makes you realize how much time you have when you are not caring for another. it’s good to have a break once in awhile, one.. so you remember who shanana is, and two.. so you get to miss and appreciate the ones you love. vic is so sweet to make you this video.. and once i heard amy grant… i could literally feel the love. you are the cutest family ever… and i need an EM fix ASAP!

  2. louann Says:

    i came across your blog through momblogs. I like you site! And your baby girl is the sweetest-cutest ever!
    i love meeting young moms on line. i will surely be “back for more.”

  3. macgyvermommy Says:

    She is adorable! It is so hard leaving them. I love your blog btw. 🙂

  4. Grandma Terry Says:

    OMG, that video Vic created is just precious. Both Emerson and Vic are precious in it. Would you send me a copy….good for grandma memorabilia.
    I have not been on in a while but this site always creates a smile and a tear of joy. Thxs for doing this.
    Luv – MoM

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