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Picture Pathetic

September 19, 2007

We took Emerson to get her picture taken today at Picture People in the Salem Center mall. A photography studio in the mall should have been the first clue that we weren’t going to come out with Annie Liebowitz-ish pics. Nonetheless we were done with Sears and JCPenny despite the wonderful childhood memories I have from those “studios” of having drool-infested toys pushed in my face by an “associate”.

Anyway, we – scratch that – I, was excited. This was Emerson’s third picture-taking session, so I’m still pretty new to it and treasure any time I can show off my little bundle. I got Vic to put on a shirt that he questioned when put together with Emerson’s and my ensemble causing a last-minute panic to try and find something else and finally acceptance of my original decision.

We stride on into the fishbowl studio with our gorgeous baby girl certain that she’ll win them over with her infectious smile and giggle. They hook us up with a woman photographer who we could tell Emerson wasn’t going to like from the get-go. Not a real shock; like her mother she’s wary of strangers. This woman was what I call an under-achiever of baby photography. She had 3 real strategies for getting a smile:

1. Bang wooden blocks together

2. Clang her ring against the metal light pole

3. Say “I gonna get you!” and “quack!”

A true pioneer of happiness, that one. None of these worked, of course.

Even when Daddy and Mommy stepped in, things didn’t get any better. She stared at the lady and seemed to jolt with every high-pitched tone of ring striking metal.

At my purchase consultation, the woman tried pushing pictures of Em squinting, almost frowning, me with my eyes closed and some fierce cleavage. I deeply disappointed her by taking only 3 prints away for close to $50. What a rip off.

I’ve decided I’m going to start a studio here in my house in my bathroom. My shower has a white background. Plus, I can do much better than banging blocks and metal together. I could flush the toilet or run the blow dryer. And I wouldn’t try to sell people obviously bad pictures.


Call me crazy

September 13, 2007

Today on I read an article about when to have kids. Everyone seems to have their formula for the perfect time to rear a child these days including me:). I was curious so I clicked…

After reading the various opinions and talking to friends and family, ultimately I have come to this conclusion: There is no perfect time to have babies. One woman who shared my age and was without child had a litany of reasons why people should wait until their thirties to become parents. Among her reasons was that people should “see the world” and to “wait for a time when your career is lucrative enough” and on and on… this is all better than say, an unplanned pregnancy. Touche. So how is your thirties the magic age when you’re done with all of these things? Sounds suspect to me.

I would usually agree with the idea of being as ready as possible, but I’m starting to come around to the idea that you are never really ready.

After all, there is always something, isn’t there? Time, money, sacrifice, on and on and on… can you imagine a pre-birth control world? Where people just got pregnant because that’s what happens when you engage in the act of procreation? It’s all about convenience now.

Of course, I understand wanting to be in a financial position to be able to support another life… and I understand wanting to do certain things… but I am starting to think that both of these things are always a work in progress. I can’t imagine anyone looks back on their life and says “I couldn’t have used some more cash” or “I saw all I wanted to see of the world.” Well, maybe some folks do, but I don’t know them:).

All this to say, I don’t believe there is a perfect time. I can’t image you’ll ever do enough, make enough or find yourself enough in your lifetime.

Interestingly, just below that article was one about women in their thirties struggling with getting pregnant at all. So, apparently somewhere between finding yourself and losing your eggs is the perfect time to bear child. What a pickle.

Thankfully, I have an amazing little family and at 24 I know that when Emerson graduates from high school I will be a mere 41 and I will not only be able to spend the later years of my life being more active with grown kiddies, but I’ll be able to know Emerson the person longer and my grandchildren longer… things I would never trade for a salary or a trip to Rome. So for me, I guess it worked out better this way.

In the end, it would have been optimal to have been married and been more prepared for such a big life change. But with so much to think about in planning to have kids, a big part of me is glad I didn’t have the pressure of doing so… because there just isn’t a perfect time.