Bumbo Madness!

So I’ve been contacted a number of times today about the Bumbo Chair that I wrote on earlier this year that has been recalled from stores for repackaging. Thanks all of you concerned folks! I appreciate it:).

I would like to defend the Bumbo/Bimbo chair a little and say that if you’re going to put your kid in anything and on a table, you probably had a skull fracture yourself when you were little. Ok, that’s bad, I know. But really… when we’re talking about child safety, any time a kid is elevated above God’s green Earth itself danger lurks.

Emerson only uses the Bumbo on the ground and when I’m close by.

Apparently this recall will only change the packaging to make it even more clear (since apparently the warning on the side wasn’t enough) that it shouldn’t be used on tables… and that you shouldn’t leave your kid alone… and while they’re at it, the makers of Bumbo will throw in a few other tips like “don’t leave your child alone next to an open oven” and “don’t let your baby play with marbles” because apparently common sense is in rare form.

Thankfully if you currently own a Bumbo, the manufacturer will be happy to send you a warning label that you can paste on the side of the box that you probably recycled after you opened the thing. In case all the hype didn’t get to you enough to ensure your child is never left in a Bumbo on a table.


One Response to “Bumbo Madness!”

  1. michelle Says:

    THAT’S what the recall was all about? I thought there was something wrong with the product itself!

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