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The Farm House Sink

December 20, 2012

I love farm house sinks. I think they’re so fun and vintage and best of all… big! I love that they provide a little design style element in an otherwise drab space. But I’m very wary of trendy things. I’m a girl who wants it classic and as timeless as it can be. Our kitchen is going to be white with black counters and thus far, I’ve really been toying with this seemingly small part of the whole plan. Can I tell you how long I spent figuring out the fireplace masonry pattern? Holy goodness.

So, right now, the big question is farm house sink or no? Will this be something I look at in 5 years and go, “oy vey… what were you thinking, Parker?” Opinions wanted! Here is an example of a kitchen I keep referencing to Vic and the cabinet designer for various elements.FarmHouseSink