One Month!

Well, today is Emerson’s one month birthday! I can hardly believe it, but when I look at her, it’s pretty obvious she’s grown quite a bit. She’s the cutest baby ever and Vic and I are having so much fun being her parents!

She’s started smiling more recently, though not in reaction to much of anything quite yet. She seems very pleased with herself sometimes, which seems to be causing the smiling:). It’s very cute nonetheless.

We went to a Mary Kay/Cookie Lee party last night at her aunt Brenda’s house and Brenda foolishly tried to put a crown on her head. To my little girl who knows “princess” just aint the name of the game, this wasn’t well-received. Image of said moment at the bottom of the post.

All in all – all is well in the land of Emerson! We’ve got a big weekend of basketball ahead of us as Vic has a tournament. She will definitely be wearing her Air Jordan booties!



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