Lactation Shmactation

Today Emerson and I attended the lactation clinic at the hospital. Lately little Em (who is getting not so little) has been eating every two hours or so compared to the 3-4 hour breaks we were having earlier this week. I thought this was odd, so I thought attending this clinic might be helpful for the novice breast feeder. At this clinic they weigh your baby before you feed, monitor your feeding and weigh your baby again after to see how much she has consumed. It’s kind of like the opposite of “The Biggest Loser” and you bet your bottom I took it as a challenge to see how good our tatty tag team was doing.

Needless to say, there was no challenge for this duo. Not only has our well-fed girl gained a whole pound just two weeks after birth (very good, for those of you who aren’t baby weight savvy), but in less than a 10 minute feed, she put on .2 ounces. Booyah! I’d like to say I didn’t look around the room and give a victorious smile to the other mothers, but I did. I kind of felt like I was holding a little giant compared to some of the babies in the room. Emerson is definitely a well-sized infant.

On a non-baby note, they allowed men in this clinic. I’m sure that’s a good thing for some women to have their sig. others there, but the rest of us who don’t claim these men as boyfriend or husband don’t think of it as such a good thing.

Anyway, that’s the latest experience of mother/babyhood. In other news, Emerson is staying awake and alert quite a bit these days. Her strong neck makes for some scary movements. She tends to thrust her head back while burping as if to say, “No thanks, Mom.” So, we put her on her stomach to see what her hulk-like strength could do. She gets her head up enough to move it to the other side, but that’s about it. No full rolling yet, although I did find her on her side the other day. Whoa.

Ok, well, I guess that is all for now. I’ve included a random picture of Vic and Emerson for public consumption. Enjoy:).p1120806.jpg


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