An Almost House

October 29, 2012

Watching the house go up slowly, but surely these past few months has been really delightful. Seeing the floor plans Vic and I spent literally hundreds of hours on, coming to life is satisfying as heck.

Progress started slowly as our builder is busy busy this year (a good thing in these times!). Our kids loved running around out there playing on the foundation and plywood above it until the predictable onslaught of rain.  Here are some progress pics for your viewing pleasure.

Emerson liked playing gymnast on the not-yet-done walls. Finley pushed his trucks around.

A few walls going up!

Obligatory stud reference. Seriously though, that guy’s cute.

OOOOH look at walls AND trusses! And grey clouds that appear to hold water.

Crane + trusses = very happy Finley.

More trusses! Apparently we are difficult and our trusses took forever. Sorry dudes.

Standing in the hallway next to her room. Very excited!

EEk. Dark picture, but this is about where its at today.

So, its coming along! I’m working on room colors, fixtures, etc. now. Hopefully I’ll get some of  my tougher decisions up here and acquire some deep wisdom from folks:). Oh yes, and our ADA bathtub is sitting out in front in the mud. Hard to believe anyone will be getting clean in that someday.


Do you like pain? Maybe you should build a house.

July 23, 2012

Let’s be real: building a house is a pain. It has been years now since we decided to embark on this idea that we might someday build a home and so today when I kicked off my shoes and traipsed through dirt dug in the general shape of my home (which is rectangular, thank you very much) it felt like I had won London Gold. But really, its just dirt and I should be stressed about making decisions about tile and carpet I suppose. Nothing has actually “happened” yet so this is really all quite superficial, but let’s talk a little about the back story of building a house that no one tells you. Listen up, people, because I’m throwin’ down the construction loan wisdom right here. I’ve created a list of things that all newbies to the “oooh let’s build a home, won’t that be fun!” world should ask themselves before going forth and pouring some concrete.

  1. Do you enjoy paperwork and tracking down endless facts about yourself, over the course of several weeks to prove you can pay for this house? If so, you should build a house.
  2. Is your favorite past-time calling counties, well drillers, water experts, road division employees and bank representatives? If you just threw up your hands and said, “aw hell yeah!” then building a home is very much for you.
  3. Do you want to pack all of your favorite things away in boxes instead of getting them out because hey, you’ll just have to pack them up again? If that floats your boat, you should start digging now!

Alright, but really, I’m super duper excited. This has been a very long process already, but the fun stuff begins now! We’re very excited about our builder and our property. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Welcome to 2012

January 7, 2012

I haven’t blogged in ages… apparently over a year. Not sure why, other than I guess I have gone through a “keep it to myself” period. So here I am! Yay! My goal is to do some more writing this year and this is a great place to start. Especially since this year is full of crazy. A little “Table of Contents” for 2012 to enlighten you:

  1. Move to Sublimity
  2. Let’s elaborate: Move to 900 square foot, 2 bedroom apartment in Sublimity so Emerson can go to school there with her family
  3. Build a house
  4. Elect a president! 🙂 I love election years

2012 is not for the faint of heart. I am currently putting together my board of inspiration on Pinterest (suggestions welcome!) and my physical board here at the house. I’m already overwhelmed, but very excited. Our floor plans are just about done, so this is truly the beginning of the actual process. Now we have to… wait for it… drill a well. Where the crap am I moving, you ask? Apparently way the heck out there. The real gem of the year, I think, is going to be the apartment dwelling. I anticipate that will be a treasure trove of content for le blog. Suppose I should update the photo and header since I’m no longer 24. DAMN! Alright, see you on Pinterest and see you later!



What I love about OI

August 26, 2010

It’s easy to dwell on the sad and upsetting when it comes to a child’s disability, but I’ve found an odd satisfaction in Fin’s, and our family’s future with this new member of the family… not Fin, he was an expected and welcome addition. It’s that Brittle Bone Disorder… that’s the red headed step child I did not ask for. But my Mom has red hair, so i guess I should give OI a chance… Ok, so here it is.

I feel like I’ve been freed from something; some combination of Little League, Football Camp, Basketball superstar complex I think we force on our kids these days. Excel at sports or don’t fit in. That’s it. It’s expected that we need to focus on the physical abilities of our sons if we want them to be an All American boy. Sure, its sad that Fin won’t be able to bond with his fellow kiddos through traditional team sports, but I find myself oddly excited by the possibilities. What will he do? Where will life take him? Perhaps we WILL end up at the paralympics someday, but what about the new emphasis on his mind? Where will that lead him?

Maybe he will enjoy music or theater. Perhaps he will be a world class Erector Set engineer and use his talents to become an architect – a disability-conscious one, of course. Maybe spending a little more time close to the ground will give him an appreciation for the grass and the bugs and he’ll gain a love for science. I just don’t know, but that’s what excites me. It’s an unknown future that I can’t plan for or predict. I’ll have to get creative and that excites me too. What kind of fun things can we do together? The possibilities are vast and endless. This is NOT the life I expected, but oh, what a beautiful life it is:). Vic was unexpected too… not to mention Emerson, so I guess planning has never really been my thing anyway.

I guess the thing I love about OI is that it has totally shaken up my world. I have no clue what is ahead and it challenges my soul in so many ways. Finley knows no other life and will know nothing else, but I can tell you that he will have a bad ass life. He will do everything conceivably possible and we will be right there with him, cheering him on just as if we were in a stadium and he just threw the winning touchdown.

One more thing about OI. It has caused me to totally fall in love with Vic all over again. His dedication to Finley totally turns me on:). Ok, but really, his confidence and love and tender holding of our Mr. Glass is beyond anything I could have imagined. I can’t wait to marry him…

I’ll take the OI… it comes with this:


Forward with Caution

January 28, 2009

In the past month I’ve received two forwards from family members. It’s the forward about the little girl getting tea for the stereotypically naive father. He’s not too concerned with where the water in her tea cups is coming from until wise mommy gets home and points out that she could be fetching it from the toilet… the only water source she can reach.

It ends with warm fuzzies and lessons learned. And a picture attached.

Of my daughter.

I emailed the first “originator” I could find to lay the smack down on using my kid’s image without paying asking me permission first. We’ll see how far down the rabbit hole this goes.

Bottom line. Don’t take pictures of other people’s kids off of the internet and use them in your forward. No matter how damn cute they are.

(Picture in forward)

Emerson - The Stolen Image