Windows & Updates!

Things are coming along out at the house. Paint is going up this week, which is very exciting for us! My Dad helped Vic and I case the windows (something that wasn’t part of our budget) and we are so happy with how they turned out. They look beautiful. There are things about old houses that I love, but aren’t quite economic in new construction. This was one of those things. Our compromise was to do them only on our big, common room windows. Image

I love them! Thank you DAD!!! We were faced with a similar decision with door trim. The plan was originally a standard 2.5″ish board all around the doors, but another feature of old homes that I’ve always loved is ornate door trims. I don’t need huge Victorian looking boards, but SOMETHING with some more character. We didn’t have the space to do something huge, and since this was a bit of an afterthought, we didn’t have a ton of flexibility. I love the solution we came up with and I’ll try to find a good picture.

Exciting development, our front door is on! Since I took this picture the front porch and stairs have been poured. They look gorgeous!


Next big thing is tile and flooring! Woohoo!

Here is where the house is at right now. No, it won’t be yellow… that’s just the hardy plank color.


I’ve begun packing and we’re starting to get used to the idea that we won’t be living here at Viola’s house in several weeks.


One Response to “Windows & Updates!”

  1. Barb Says:

    Love love the light fixtures

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