An Almost House

Watching the house go up slowly, but surely these past few months has been really delightful. Seeing the floor plans Vic and I spent literally hundreds of hours on, coming to life is satisfying as heck.

Progress started slowly as our builder is busy busy this year (a good thing in these times!). Our kids loved running around out there playing on the foundation and plywood above it until the predictable onslaught of rain.  Here are some progress pics for your viewing pleasure.

Emerson liked playing gymnast on the not-yet-done walls. Finley pushed his trucks around.

A few walls going up!

Obligatory stud reference. Seriously though, that guy’s cute.

OOOOH look at walls AND trusses! And grey clouds that appear to hold water.

Crane + trusses = very happy Finley.

More trusses! Apparently we are difficult and our trusses took forever. Sorry dudes.

Standing in the hallway next to her room. Very excited!

EEk. Dark picture, but this is about where its at today.

So, its coming along! I’m working on room colors, fixtures, etc. now. Hopefully I’ll get some of  my tougher decisions up here and acquire some deep wisdom from folks:). Oh yes, and our ADA bathtub is sitting out in front in the mud. Hard to believe anyone will be getting clean in that someday.



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