Do you like pain? Maybe you should build a house.

Let’s be real: building a house is a pain. It has been years now since we decided to embark on this idea that we might someday build a home and so today when I kicked off my shoes and traipsed through dirt dug in the general shape of my home (which is rectangular, thank you very much) it felt like I had won London Gold. But really, its just dirt and I should be stressed about making decisions about tile and carpet I suppose. Nothing has actually “happened” yet so this is really all quite superficial, but let’s talk a little about the back story of building a house that no one tells you. Listen up, people, because I’m throwin’ down the construction loan wisdom right here. I’ve created a list of things that all newbies to the “oooh let’s build a home, won’t that be fun!” world should ask themselves before going forth and pouring some concrete.

  1. Do you enjoy paperwork and tracking down endless facts about yourself, over the course of several weeks to prove you can pay for this house? If so, you should build a house.
  2. Is your favorite past-time calling counties, well drillers, water experts, road division employees and bank representatives? If you just threw up your hands and said, “aw hell yeah!” then building a home is very much for you.
  3. Do you want to pack all of your favorite things away in boxes instead of getting them out because hey, you’ll just have to pack them up again? If that floats your boat, you should start digging now!

Alright, but really, I’m super duper excited. This has been a very long process already, but the fun stuff begins now! We’re very excited about our builder and our property. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!


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