Forward with Caution

In the past month I’ve received two forwards from family members. It’s the forward about the little girl getting tea for the stereotypically naive father. He’s not too concerned with where the water in her tea cups is coming from until wise mommy gets home and points out that she could be fetching it from the toilet… the only water source she can reach.

It ends with warm fuzzies and lessons learned. And a picture attached.

Of my daughter.

I emailed the first “originator” I could find to lay the smack down on using my kid’s image without paying asking me permission first. We’ll see how far down the rabbit hole this goes.

Bottom line. Don’t take pictures of other people’s kids off of the internet and use them in your forward. No matter how damn cute they are.

(Picture in forward)

Emerson - The Stolen Image


One Response to “Forward with Caution”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Holy Cow!
    Shannon I can not believe that. People are freaks. I do understand why they would want to use such an adorable picture but seriously. Did you ever hear back from the guy?
    Love ya and your incredibly cute famous daughter.

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