Workin’ Mama

Well, today I leave for a business trip. My first time away from Emerson and it will be for 2 nights, almost 3 days. I was pretty devastated when I left Vic and her this morning. In all honesty, I’ve only been away for Vic for one whole night since I had Emerson. I’m not really used to being without these two and I’m a little nervous.

Maybe Emerson will miss me, but it is more likely that she won’t notice. But when I think about it… I realize the person I’m most worried about is me. I KNOW she’ll be well taken care of… she’s got the best Dad ever and Grandma will be around plenty. I’m really worried about myself.

But hopefully someday Vic and I will get to take a vacation and this is a good practice step to that. Anyway, I will fill you in as the trip unfolds as to my emotional well being. Let’s hope I make it!


One Response to “Workin’ Mama”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    I can imagine this is tough for you! I hope the trip went well. I’m sure Vic and Emerson missed you bunches! (kind of like I do, but I think I probably miss you more!!!)

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