Dangerous Minds

It’s a pity that of all the colorful, developmental toys Emerson has she’s really only interested in remotes, cell phones and of course, computers. The gravitational pull from baby to mechanical object is as strong as Britney to Commando… no joke.

I feel that images are necessary to truly tell this story.

Baby with my cell phone. Right before it went into her mouth.


My precious computer, with a missing “down” key baby picked off and then drooled on.


So, Vic being the true nerd he is naturally had a spare lap top lying around. Her pure obsession with computers is so potent that we thought – heck, let’s put it to good use and download some baby games from Fisher-Price onto the spare.


So we did.


And it made her pretty happy…


And then she found the only other game on the ancient brick..


Vic hears the sounds of zoo animals springing up all over the screen replaced by the jarring devastation of grenades and chain guns in Quake II.

Really? Has it already come to this? Baby girl has moved so quickly to violence… This is the face of a menace to society…


Keep your eyes peeled for this one on America’s Most Wanted.


One Response to “Dangerous Minds”

  1. Bastet Says:

    So cute!

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