I just read this article about a shirt created by a guy getting his Ph.D. in Ridiculous that is supposed to help babies get smart when they are breastfeeding. The article claims the shirt is not only fashionably designed, but is convenient for mothers in design as well (there’s an easy out for the Mommy parts).



1. What child is intently looking at Mom’s shirt when eating?

2. Who would buy enough of these to even make a difference?

3. Don’t call this fashionable. It is heinous.


2 Responses to “U-G-L-Y”

  1. Patrick Says:

    That kid looks really old, like 3ish. Why is it breast feeding!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Um hi. Is that like a 4year old breastfeeding? I’m pretty sure that’s the biggest, longest baby I’ve ever seen. and yes, shirt = heinous.

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