Independent Woman

She’s on the move! Well, almost. Little Miss E is giving mobility a try, and for the most part she’s getting it… the sad story is, the one direction she WANTS to move in (forward) seems to be eluding her. Backwards, check; side to side via rolling, check; face plant to the ground, check; forward is accomplished only in a kamikaze-style leap from all fours when an object of considerable pleasure is directly ahead.

Not to be deterred, there is one place where Em can feel the full force of independence – next to the railing of her crib. She grabs a hold of the smooth slats showing white knuckles grasping tightly, plants her marshmallow-esque feet firmly into the berber carpet and that up-to-no-good smile spreads across her face. She explodes into fits of laughter and snorting. She’s like a fiddler at a ho-down stomping one foot up and down to the beat of victory.

Oh yes, it is hilarious. Pictures have been included for your enjoyment. Maybe crawling will happen soon… or maybe the good Lord will spare us a few more weeks or months of cleaning up all of our junk from the floor and child-proofing the whole place. Regardless, she’s one adorable little independent woman. Until she forgets to hold on, and takes a little tumble into Mom’s lap. It was fun while it lasted:). em_crib_1.jpgem-crib2.jpg


One Response to “Independent Woman”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    She is adorable 🙂 and I think that’s even the little giraffe onesie I gave her!! yay!

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