Baby’s Too Bendalicious

At around 4 to 5 months old, babies learn how to roll onto their tummies. Some sooner, some later, but either way, this means a lot in terms of range of motion, which greatly increases along with the tendency to to find trouble. In Emerson’s case, and I’m sure in the case of countless other babies, finding new and utterly bizarre positions to sleep in is the new black.

True story: Wednesday when Vic was home with Emerson he put her down for a nap. She did her usual moan and groan followed by the long silence that means success. Upon checking on her he found her as such…


Needless to say, Vic was freaked out. Her head was pushed into a bumper and she had positioned herself exactly perpendicular to the spot in which was put in! This would freak any parent out, heck, if I saw Vic sleeping like that I’d be freaked out.

Emerson didn’t seem to be phased. Since what I will call the “Exorcist Moment” occurred, Little Miss Parker has been found in several other positions the likes of which would make Gumbi proud.

Never fear, people. She was put in a decent position after Daddio snapped some documenting shots.

One thing is for certain, every time she pulls one of these Cirque-du-Soleil feats, we startle, laugh a little and move her… much to her dismay. Apparently she finds this comfortable.


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