One week at home:)

Here we are! Emerson was born on Feb. 16 and we brought her home from the hospital the 18th. Thank goodness! We were getting antsy to get out of that place. I was having some nurse overload and our last nurse, Sarah, was one for the books. Without going into detail, I felt my snarky attitude coming out. It was time to leave.

So, one week at home and the Parker/Stutzman family is doing well! This first week has been full of many new discoveries. Like discovering that milk can come out of one nostril while nursing and that poo can projectile onto walls while changing. We’ve also discovered that you can operate on little sleep… much less than you ever thought:). Of course, we’ve also discovered how much you can love someone so immediately and totally. She is amazing! We feel very blessed that our little girl is so healthy and so easy to take care of. She only cries when she needs something and both Mom and Dad are getting pretty good at knowing what that is. We’ll see how long that lasts!!

Having both of us home has been so much fun. We love getting to know our girl and watching her watch us and her little world. I dread Vic going back to work. 😦

Sitting here watching the pilot of the X-Files (so nerdy, I know) it seems as though little Em is going to lose her umbilical cord very, very soon! Whoopee! She’s very awake right now waving her arms around and pursing her lips. Who knows what she’s thinking, but it sure is fun to watch!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be writing more soon:).



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