The first of many:)

Welcome to the blog de Shannon and Emerson. We plan on hopefully making weekly appearances on this site, but if for some reason we don’t make it one week, don’t get too upset.

Right now I’m sitting at my desk at work. I think she might be sucking the creative juices out of me because all I can think about are very baby-like things to think about such as, “when should I go to the bathroom?” and “I wonder when I’ll eat next?” People passing by the cuble at work probably think I have the worst posture of all time because I’m completely reclined back as far as possible on this chair. It’s the only comfortable position I can find currently.

This morning I was late to a meeting because I spilled my morning beverage of choice-Nesquick chocolate milk… mmmmm-all over my ginormous belly and my comfy corduroy pants! I was quite angered, but I wasn’t waddling my already ridiculous looking self into a meeting with an ad agency with chocolate milk all over myself. So, I turned around and changed.

We have a doctor’s appointment at 10:45am. Hopefully this will be the last, but there’s a big, huge, basketball-size part of me that thinks it won’t be:).

Thanks to my very handsome, sweet boyfriend for setting up this blog and site for us. Hopefully he will make frequent appearances as well:).


One Response to “The first of many:)”

  1. Sister & Auntie Tia Says:

    Yay for the Emerson/Shannon blog! I’ll be checking in frequently (shock, I know) and look forward to reading about your motherhood experiences and seeing pictures of the sweetest baby in the world. Love you all!

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